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    Betriebspaket @work Basic

    Betriebspaket @work Basic

    Preis pro Monat, pro Ladepunkt

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    Einmalige Leistungen

    • Bereitstellung SIM-Karte & Backend
    • Inbetriebnahme und System-Anbindung
    • Bereitstellung Aufkleber und QR-Codes

    Monatliche Basis Services

    • Technischer Betrieb & Monitoring
    • 1st-Level Support (SupportHotline 24/7)
    • 2nd-Level Support (Technische Probleme, Remote-Kontrolle, Neustart)
    • Firmware / Software Updates
    • Ladekarten für den Standort (inkl. Freischaltung, Pflege und ggf. Sperrung)
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    What do inno2fleet operating packages include?

    Special features of inno2fleet operating packages

    In addition to "classic" charging stations, we also take on fleet-specific services.

    This includes topics such as
    accounting for your employees’ charging processes
    handling reimbursement-related processes via our charging app for fleet drivers
    and much more.

    Automated billing and reimbursement

    For charging at your employees' homes, we will send you the charging costs incurred and automatically reimburse your employees for these expenses. You don't have to worry about anything and receive all relevant data from us every month.

    Support by inno2fleet

    The support from inno2fleet ranges from 24/7 availability for your employees to troubleshooting at the location itself. Simply choose the right operating package for you and define for yourself how much inno2fleet can relieve you of the charging station operation.