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    charge@home Basic

    charge@home Basic

    Price for one package per employee

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    Schneider Electric Pro AC Wallbox - up to 22kW

    • With cable
    • MID counter
    • RFID Reader
    • Including modem
    • Including FI & LS switch
    • basic wiring
    • Backend capable (OCPP 1.6)

    Schneider Electric Pro AC - Product Data Sheet

      Schneider Electric Pro AC - Installationshandbuch

      Including inno2fleet installation package + commissioning


        • This solution is not! compliant with calibration law - potential billing problems in Germany
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        • Hardware package

          For charge@home you need a suitable wall box, according to your ideas. You can find all information about the wallbox above.

          Just add the number of wallboxes according to the number of your employees so that we can prepare the right amount for you.

        • installation package

          A wallbox installation is more than just connecting to a socket. That's why we offer the following services in our package (without hidden costs)

          - Processing via our automated employee portal (tendergy) including process support

          < em>- Access to installers or electrical specialist network

          - Home-Check

          - Installation of the hardware according to effort (wall breakthrough , etc.)

        • Installation

          You don't have to worry about anything during commissioning. Our installation partners do everything for you. The commissioning of a wallbox includes

          - connection of the backend

          - inclusion in inno2fleet administration domain

          - Connection to the power grid

        Sie müssen Ihre Ladepunkte zu Hause auch betreiben

        Damit Sie den geladenen Strom Ihrer Mitarbeitenden auch abrechnen können und Ihre Fuhrparkfahrzeuge auch geladen werden können, müssen Sie die Ladeinfrastruktur zu Hause betreiben.

        inno2fleet hat passende Betriebspakete dazu und macht für Sie Abrechnungen, Rückvergütung und auch Entstörungen zum Kinderspiel.

        Die passenden inno2fleet Betriebspakete zu charge@home

        Wählen Sie eines der für Sie passenden Betriebspakete für das Laden zu Hause Ihrer Mitarbeitenden.

        Eine Abrechnung der geladenen Energie für Fuhrparks ist ohne einem Betriebspaket nicht möglich.

        Why order a charge@home solution from inno2fleet?

        Our unique hardware package

        Our hardware solutions are aimed at the optimal infrastructure solutions for your employees. This not only includes the wall box itself, but we also supply the modem, RCD/LS switch, basic cabling and much more and install it directly for your employees.

        The inno2fleet installation package

        Digitization and the resulting efficiency are very important at inno2fleet. For this reason, a large part of the "charge@home" installation process takes place via a specially developed platform. This provides the necessary information and guidance for your employees and also ensures the necessary comfort during the electrification process at home.

        Thanks to our broad installation network, the wall box is delivered to the right place at exactly the right time and installed there immediately . You only have to pay when you put your solutions into operation.

        Easy commissioning & charging directly

        The wallbox is put into operation on our installation platform during installation. You don't have to worry about anything here.

        Here too, you only have to pay for the operation once the charging solution has been put into operation by your employees.